Harness the Power of your Mind & Harmonize your Life

Hello and welcome to The Heart Of Gnosis.

My name is Austin Salas.

I’m classified as a Certified Clinical + Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and I lead individuals into the depths of their subconscious mind where they undergo a process that brings about profound deep healing and transformation.


Just listen to what my clients have to say about this unique and effective approach

“That was wild! … it feels like my body has released so much of that.”
“It feels like something’s shackled off”
“Actually, the problem is gone!”
“Client Interview: Resolving his issue in One Session”
“Giving up all addictions”
“I feel great - that is to say very calm inside.”
“Am feeling good overall and like layers of hurt are being stripped away.”
“Feeling a lot better”
“… I really felt great even in stressful situations…”
“You are incredible and I am so grateful we’ve connected..”
“… you found something I couldn’t see was there.”
“Thanks so so so much for mind blowing session it was phenomenal!”
“It feels so good right now to just be smiling”
“Something has been rekindled in both of us…”
“All the lustful urges are pretty much gone..”
“I feel like it helped me to get really clear about what’s right for me in my relationship…”
“I’m no longer feeling as hopeless about my relationship and the future…”
“Wife is happy and that’s all I care about..”
“Awesome, feel lighter, no negativity.”
“Now it’s like I finally got resolution with the corse issue.. .it feels like a fog lifted…”
“Honestly feeling great!”
“I still feel a sense of relief since hanging up…”
“After a couple short hours, Austin helped me to completely let go of it”
“I gained great insight into what was triggering my anxiety…”
“His level of support is amazing.”
“Working with Austin has really helped me overcome my anxieties.”
“Austin, thank you so much…”

Step by step process

Through many years of studying the language of the subconscious mind through different paths like hypnosis, meditation, plant medicine, breath-work and a few others.

I created a methodology that is a proven and highly effective step by step process called 

Subconscious Alchemy

With the sole purpose of helping individuals like you to change their mindset and get them to their goals in an instant.

Here’s some insight into this unique process that brings about profound and visceral inner transformation in my clients.


The first step is to REFOCUS our attention to what’s happening in our minds. In understanding what thoughts, emotions, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs are preventing us from reaching our goal we can clearly outline the issue.



After we gain a clear understanding of the issue we’re going to use different techniques like hypnosis, breath work,Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) and many more to get to the root cause of our issue and REFRAME the negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs into a powerful and positive mindset necessary to achieve drastic change.



REFOCUSED our attention, and REFRAMED the negative contents into positive ones, we then are going to REAFFIRM this new powerful and positive mindset through a process I call subconscious alchemy, so that ALL these new thoughts, emotions, behaviors, attitudes, ideas and beliefs become deeply embedded in our subconscious mind and the change stays with you for life.


Client centered hypnotherapy

Heres what’s you could expect!

A safe and supportive environment where you can express yourself freely without fear of judgment

Expert guidance and support throughout your journey to wellness

A sense of empowerment as you take control of your life and achieve your desired outcomes

Anything that the mind affects, hypnotherapy can work on

Hypnotherapy is effective in treating

Clinical studies have proven that Hypnotherapy is effective in the treating the following areas :

Chronic pain
Addiction / Relapse Prevention
Migraines & Headaches
Anxiety & Depression
Sleep issues
Premature Ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction
Trauma Resolution
Athletic performance
Weight loss
Smoking cessation
Anger management
Grief & Loss
Fears & Phobias