About Austin

Rumi, one of the great Sufi mystics and poets said :

“What you seek… is seeking you”

Before I decided to pursue hypnotherapy as career or how I would like to phrase it “a path of service” I had already been on a journey of inner growth and self transformation. I’d been studying different meditations for a few years, dabbling into ancient eastern spiritual traditions in search of a path that would lead me to find my true self and a deep sense of inner peace.

Taking from different traditions and disciplines I had several tools to work with, yet I still felt as if something was missing. I was yearning for a deep sense of connection.

This lead me to the Amazon rainforest of Peru, specifically the Napo river where I lived for a whole year studying shamanism and vegetalismo & completing an apprenticeship under the tutelage of a very well known Mestizo Shaman.

Undergoing shamanic initiations referred to as plant dietas , I spent several months in the jungle completely alone. No phone, no electricity, no communication with the outside world, I was completely immersed in the jungle.

This rigorous process allowed me to gain a deep understanding of how my mind works, and how our perceptions shape and influence the world we see.

These periods of isolation allowed me to begin reprogramming all the junk that was stored in my mind since childhood, and allowed me to begin re-writing my own personal story. This is when I learned about the power of our subconscious minds and the power of our beliefs.

During my one year sabbatical, I learned how to prepare different herbal remedies for different types of diseases and ailments. The pharmacopeia that the jungle has to offer is rife and It was the first time I witnessed the healing power of nature, as well as the healing power that us humans possess.

I was absolutely fascinated and I knew while I was living in the jungle that I would dedicate my life to being of service, it was the only thing that made sense.

I was left with a serious question that needed a good answer.

How could someone receive the healing benefits of plant medicine without having to travel halfway across the world and into a jungle to receive it?

This is when I came across that

“Path of service”.

After a long conversation with a close friend of mind about my gut issues, he recommended I do a session of hypnotherapy with him. At the time I was suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Within the first session most of my symptoms were practically gone. This is when I realized I needed to learn this incredible healing modality. This is when I knew that Hypnotherapy can be the bridge for healing that many people are seeking.

I pull my expertise through many years of inner work and studying different mind/body approaches like meditation, Qi-gong, Mestizo shamanism and Vegetalismo (herbalism), energy work, breathwork, yoga and Hypnosis. This is how I’m able to offer a very unique approach to harmonizing the mind/body connection so that you can begin to use the greatest tool and asset that lies within each and every human being, the subconscious mind.