“That was wild! … it feels like my body has released so much of that.”
“It feels like something’s shackled off”
“Actually, the problem is gone!”
“Feeling a lot better”
“Giving up all addictions”
“I feel great - that is to say very calm inside.”
“Am feeling good overall and like layers of hurt are being stripped away.”
“Client Interview: Resolving his issue in One Session”
“… I really felt great even in stressful situations…”
“You are incredible and I am so grateful we’ve connected..”
“… you found something I couldn’t see was there.”
“Thanks so so so much for mind blowing session it was phenomenal!”
“It feels so good right now to just be smiling”
“Something has been rekindled in both of us…”
“All the lustful urges are pretty much gone..”
“I feel like it helped me to get really clear about what’s right for me in my relationship…”
“I’m no longer feeling as hopeless about my relationship and the future…”
“Wife is happy and that’s all I care about..”
“Awesome, feel lighter, no negativity.”
“Now it’s like I finally got resolution with the corse issue.. .it feels like a fog lifted…”
“Honestly feeling great!”
“I still feel a sense of relief since hanging up…”
“After a couple short hours, Austin helped me to completely let go of it”
“I gained great insight into what was triggering my anxiety…”
“His level of support is amazing.”
“Working with Austin has really helped me overcome my anxieties.”
“Austin, thank you so much…”